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01/29/2020 - PPS has commenced processing new satellite METOPC MHS GPM data starting with Dec 11, 2019 data. L1C METOPC MHS GPM and L2-L3 GPROFMETOPC MHS GPM data and climatology products are available.

11/19/2019 - 1C ATMS inter-calibration tables for both NPP and NOAA-20 have been updated to account for the ATMS SDR calibration update that occurred on Oct 15, 2019. As a result, PPS will retro process ATMS NPP and NOAA-20 data starting October 15, 2019 orbit numbers 41275 for NPP and 9878 for NOAA-20.

10/21/2019 - The Precipitation Processing System (PPS) has begun the TRMM and GPM Goddard Convective-Stratiform Heating (CSH) V06A level 2 and level 3 data reprocessing on, Monday October 21, 2019. This reprocessing will cover the whole life for TRMM and the period from the launch to current for GPM.

03/27/2019 - PPS has commenced IMERG data reprocessing for IMERG V06. PPS will begin with GPM-era data, and then reprocess the TRMM-era data. The GPM era will begin with June 2014, while TRMM-era products will span June 2000 - May 2014

03/01/2019 - PPS will be doing a full reprocessing of L2-L3 PRPS MT1 SAPHIR as V06A starting next week. There will also be a CLIM product as with current GPROF data products.

10/30/2018 - TRMM L2-L3 Combined V06 reprocessing is expected to start later this week. Files will appear starting from December 1997 and working forward.

PPS Data Access - to search for GPM and TRMM data, order custom subsets and set up subscriptions.

PPS Public Archive - to access GPM and TRMM standard products via online ftp.

These are the products available to the public. To retrieve data go to PPS Data Access or PPS Public Archive.

PPS Logo Precipitation Processing System (PPS)
GPM Logo Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM)
TRMM Logo Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)
GV Logo GPM Ground Validation Data
Field Campaign Logo GPM Field Campaign Data

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