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If you use the data obtained from this web interface please cite this website url ( and the following paper:
K.-S. Kuo, W.S. Olson, B.T. Johnson, M. Grecu, L. Tian, T.L. Clune, B.H. van Aartsen, A.J. Heymsfield, L. Liao, R. Meneghini.
The Microwave Radiative Properties of Falling Snow Derived from Nonspherical Ice Particle Models. Part I: An Extensive Database of Simulated Pristine Crystals and Aggregate Particles, and Their Scattering Properties. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, March 2016, Vol. 55, No. 3
The paper can be found here (Registration Required)

Lead Scientist: Kwo-Sen Kuo
Contributing Scientists: Ziad S. Haddad, William S. Olson, Simone Tanelli, John Kwiatkowski
Web Developer: Matt Lammers
Database Scientist: Noppasin Niamsuwan
Version Information
OpenSSP API Version 18.09.003
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